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Tens of thousands of pedestrians and bicyclist are injured or killed in accidents involving motor vehicles each year in the United States. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents regularly occur due to a variety of reasons, the most common being the lack of due attention a motor vehicle operator pays to their surroundings, including maintaining a lookout for walkers, runners, and bicyclist. These accidents take place despite the caution generally exercised by pedestrians.

Pedestrian and bicycle accident cases are very complex in nature which requires a detailed and aggressive plan of action to recover monies which you may be entitled.

Under Florida law, when a pedestrian, including bicycle riders, are injured as a direct result of another's recklessness, carelessness, or negligence, the pedestrian accident victim may have a legal right and the ability to seek compensation for economic compensatory damages, non-economic compensatory damages, and/or damages for pain and suffering.

The severe, debilitating and potentially permanent injuries that arise from pedestrian accidents with an automobile, motorcycle or commercial truck, may result in significant financial losses to the individuals involved and their families.

Families of pedestrian accidents may be left dealing with mounting medical bills which can be a very daunting task, and leave you pondering the uncertainty of how you will be able to manage. Adding to this uncertainty, most pedestrian accident victims also find themselves loosing essential wages, due to time missed from work while recovering. We urge you to protect your rights by seeking professional legal advice, and let your voice be heard.

Depending upon the circumstances of the pedestrian accident or incident, the severity of the injuries, and other factors, a pedestrian accident personal injury victim may be able to seek compensation for:

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